Barozzi Junior Suite

Barozzi is the name of a powerful Venetian family that settled on the area since 1204 at the time of the Venetian possession. Locals had named the nearby neighborhood “Barozziana” as the biggest part of this land was owned by them. Also the beautiful Byzantine church of “Panagia” (Virgin Mary or Holly Mary) is still carrying their name as it is called “Panagia Barozzi”.

Barozzi Junior Suite can accommodate up to 3 persons on an open plan space with living room area, kitchen, double bed and the bathroom (Jacuzzi bathtub). Suite has its own private terrace (12 sqm) overlooking the garden, the pool, White Mountains and the marvelous sky of Crete on the upper level. It has also access to the garden and the pool.

The whole coverage of the suite is 46 square meters (not including the 12 square meters of terrace coverage).

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