What to do in West Crete

Our travel guide essentials for Chania and its surroundings.
Western Crete can be discovered from its capital with Venetian influences, a starting point for sublime beaches and the Samaria gorges.

Call it Chania, the locals also say Hania or Chania. One thing is certain: one can only fall in love with the most attractive city of Crete , which is a destination in its own right for lovers of Greece . Wrapping around its charming Venetian port and protected by walls, its historic center is a paradise for strolling on the quays and in its alleys. Long capital of the island, it is covered with Ottoman, Venetian, Jewish and Greek monuments.

This city vibrates constantly and is full of pretty trendy addresses: boutique hotels, young or sophisticated restaurants, tempting shops of designers or local products … Chania is an excellent base for exploring the western part of the island.

From Fort Firkas, which houses the maritime museum to the Nério Moro Docks , a stroll along the quays includes welcoming terraces and spectacular monuments: fortifications, the Janissaries’ mosque transformed into an exhibition hall, old Venetian arsenals and, just opposite, the 15th century lighthouse. which stands proudly at the end of the dike, the object of a magnificent walk …

In the old quarters, many old buildings have been converted. Thus the archaeological museum , housed in a magnificent Venetian church, is a must.

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